The Chazan Gallery is presenting Mountains and other Abstract Ideas, a solo exhibition by Daniel Bohman, from October 15 to November 4, 2015. There will be an opening reception on Gallery Night, October 15, 2015 from 5:00-9:00 pm. The public is invited.

Daniel Bohman, Glass Ceiling, 2015

Living in an age of information, our sense of reality has undoubtedly been altered. Wading through a readily available archive of found imagery, Bohman’s paintings attempt to make sense of this evolving visual landscape; to collect, filter and ultimately transform it. Bohman’s paintings revel in a state of transition - a place where the literal and abstract precariously coexist. Piece by piece his work progresses through a process of trial and error in which images are rearranged and consolidated. These actions attempt to elucidate an existence influenced heavily by the digital realm, and the image overload it creates. Bohman relates to David Joselit’s view of contemporary painting as a “form of transmission.” The visual world is at our fingertips with styles and artistic movements existing side by side in a new, confusing, and exciting conversation. Painting uniquely lends itself to this exploration of information through a sort of visual temporality.

Daniel Bohman, Campfire, 2015

Combining the patience of realistic rendering alongside frantic abstraction, Bohman feels his way through each work through a process of creation and destruction. He avoids giving the viewers a place to settle their eyes as he wants the paintings to radiate a vitality of transformation. Ultimately Bohman is interested in the picture plane as a transitory space where objects come and go but their history remains.
Bohman’s overall development as a painter has not engendered a series of themed work. Instead his evolutions come more organically, although infused within a series of layered ideas. So far, his interest in the interior has remained constant. Having grown up in a home with a mother who worked as an interior decorator, his early influences have been dominated by architectural blueprints, pattern books, and his mother’s keen interest in David Hockney.

Daniel Bohman was born and raised in central Connecticut. After attending Ringling College of Art and Design he finished his degree at Central Connecticut State University and went on to complete his Master of Fine Arts at the University of Connecticut. He continues to show throughout North America and has gallery representation in New Haven.