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Listening / Bunny Harvey

Bunny Harvey - Notes and Scales

Bunny Harvey

Bunny Harvey’s paintings are a response to the natural environment that surrounds her studio in Vermont. The work she will include in Listening is selected from a number of different periods of work and is organized around the notion that listening, attentiveness to sound, while sitting in, or walking through a natural environment completely changes the way one “sees” or experiences it. In her paintings she tries “to merge the invisible, audible elements with those that can be observed to invent my own painted versions of “the real”. She states that “sometimes there is clarity…But just as often there is a kind of cacophony which makes it even more of a challenge to find the right paint vocabulary to synthesize a compelling visual response to this sensory, sensual layering.”

Harvey has shown her work internationally and in numerous solo and group exhibitions in New York and throughout the United States. Most recently, her work is being shown at the Denver Art Museum in Denver, Colorado, and the Fleming Museum in Burlington, Vermont. A recipient of a BFA, MFA and MAT from The Rhode Island School of Design, Harvey is a Professor of Art at Wellesley College, where her art is currently on exhibition at the Davis Museum. Harvey also has served as a visiting professor at Harvard University.

In 2005, Harvey was the recipient of the Pinanski Prize for Excellence in Teaching. She has also received Rhode Island’s Pell Award for Excellence in the Arts. In 1974, she was the recipient of the Rome Prize in Painting by the American Academy in Rome. Harvey spent two years as a Fellow in Rome. Her work is featured in many collections, including the Museum of Art at RISD, and the Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown, Ohio.