Past Exhibitions

Robin Cass and Erik Gould


Robin Cass (L),Erik Gould (R)

Robin Cass describes her work as "an ongoing research project into how people experience the physical world, relate to one another, and perceive their own existence and mortality." Her most recent work consists of zeppelin shaped glass and metal pieces that hang from the ceiling at eye level and rotate to reveal an internal glass core. Suggesting "scientific models of the phyche," the pieces appear organic from a distance but reveal their mechanical construction on close inspection.

An alum of RISD's glass department, Cass now teaches sculpture at Rochester Institute of Technology.

Erik Gould photographs Providence with an eye for recording and collecting visual elements that suggest the growth and decay of the urban environment. He is "interested in recording things that reflect our regard for public spaces, including signage and artifacts of the car culture." His crisp black and white images, which are often presented in grids or clusters, appear as anthropological studies of the constantly fluctuating urban landscape.

Gould received an MFA from Ohio University and has shown his work extensively throughout New England.