Past Exhibitions

Amy Wynne Derry & Ernest Jolicoeur

Amy Wynne Derry  Ernest Jolicoeur

Amy Wynne Derry (L), Ernest Jolicoeur (R)

Amy Wynne Derry’s new paintings at first recall the symmetrical silhouettes of Rorschach’s ink blot tests, yet upon closer inspection they reveal a “stylistic evolution” of the intimate connections with essential details of botanical forms, animal variations and industrial elements. A networked out-cropping of botanical constituents is captured frozen in time mid-growth—curling, splitting and dividing, repetitious and precise—a lively order extracted from something seemingly of disorder. Wynne Derry’s use of oil paints to explore and experiment with the graphic impact of the silhouetted forms and her obsessive arrangement of shapes creates a “tangible tension” within her colorful compositions.

Wynne Derry received her MFA at the New York Academy of Art and has also studied at the New York Studio School, Instituto Allende in San Miguel Allende, Mexico and at Smith College in Massachusetts. She has been the recipient of the RI Cultural Council Grant, the Massachusetts State Grant and was recently a fellow of the Vermont Studio Center. Her work has been exhibited widely in galleries throughout New England and New York.


Ernest Jolicoeur describes himself as “a builder drawn to the problems of painting.” With a technique similar to one used by late Modernist painter Elizabeth Murray, he paints on composites of multiple panels of canvas, wood and plastic laminate, all with handmade supports. Concerned with process, labor, renovation and material, the construction and positioning of his armatures is hardly separate from the process of making his own acrylic paints and the physical act of painting.

Grouping his vibrant paintings like sculptural building blocks, Jolicoeur activates a harmonious and highly informed but unpredictable relationship between the “armatures” and the wall on which they hang. By obscuring boundaries of shape, value, color and depth, he reaches a new ambiguity in the traditional modernist approach to figure-ground relationships. By exploring both sculptural and painterly aspects in his work, a visual dichotomy of controlled graphic edges, expressive contrast and rhythmic strokes of heavy color give rise to an active and engaging experience.

Jolicouer received his BFA from Rhode Island College and graduated from the Yale School of Arts with a Masters of Fine Arts in Painting and Printmaking. He was the 2006 recipient of the Artist’s Resource Trust Foundation Grant and was a nominee for the Louis Comfort Tiffany Award. His work was featured in a solo show at m du B, F, H & g in Montreal, Canada in cooperation with Feature Inc. NY and also in the Silverstein Gallery in New York. Most recently, in a group show ‘Then and Now’ at Rhode Island College’s Bannister Gallery.