Past Exhibitions

Emerging Artists / Jason Brockert, Kelly Joseph and Avani Patel

Jason Brockert (L), Kelly Joseph (C), Avani Patel (R)

Jason Brockert uses the traditional painting mediums of oil, watercolor, and gouache to construct his geometric compositions. His work centers around the representation of suburbia. On his canvases seemingly identical homes form grids of alternating colors. The works are "honest and straightforward" so that communication is clear. To Brockert, painting is a language with each painting being a sentence within a paragraph.

Brockert received his BFA from Rhode Island School of Design. He has shown his work in galleries across New England.

Kelly Joseph's work is concerned with the feelings of "displacement, longing, and loss." She attempts to find her way back home by creating imaginary environments that she will never be able to get to. She has made environments out of ice that slowly melted away. These emphemeral works show how memory and time are "both fragile and fleeting." Her work tends to be very small, but draws the viewer in very close so that one becomes completely engrossed in the work.

Joseph received a BFA in Photography from Montserrat College of Art and a MFA from Rhode Island School of Design.

Avani Patel is influenced from her childhood memories of growing up in India. She "fell in love with pattern of dress, exotic colors, the sound of music, the spectacle of both theatre and cinema." These inspirations form the basis for her work. The bright colors and rhythmic music is expressed in her playful paintings. She thinks of painting " as a means of expressing music in a visual form." She creates an energetic environment so that the viewer will sense rhythm, passion, and dance.

Patel recieved her BFA from Pennsylvania State University and a MFA in Painting and Drawing at Tyler School of Arts. She currently teaches drawing classes at Brown University.