Past Exhibitions

Finding a Way

Lindsey Glover, Joshua Nierodzinski, Alison Owen, Millee Tibbs & Isaac Wingfield

Shawn Gilheeney (L)Lindsey Glover (R)

Joshua Nierodzinski (L),  Alison Owen (R)

Millee Tibbs (L),  Isaac Wingfield (R)

Shawn Gilheeney creates paintings inspired by the destruction and dilapidation of buildings in Rhode Island in his series Loutitt Laundry. Gilheeney carefully selects the materials for his paintings, making sure that the composition he creates reflects the buildings he observes. Using steel and wood panels to reflect the building structures he observes, Gilheeney is able to translate the imagery of these historic buildings into paintings that show the effects of time, offering an abstracted perspective of Providence’s historic landscape.

Gilheeney received his BFA in Printmaking from The Rhode Island School of Design. He has been featured locally in galleries at AS220, Firehouse 13, and the Steel Yard, and has also shown in New York, Connecticut and Oregon. Gilheeney was the recipient of the Rhode Island College Art Department Special Talent Award in 2005, 2006 and 2007.

Lindsey Glover is a photographer and digital media artist investigating issues of time and space in photo, video and installation work. Her works are “fragments of time distilled, brief incidents and fleeting glimpses turned into a material recollection.” Glover isolates single moments in time, and then reconstructs these moments to encompass both experience and memory. Her work represents “sites of an apparitional presence turned into a celluloid recollection.”

Glover received her MFA in New Media from Cornell University, and attended the School of Art and Design at Alfred University. In 2009, she received the Individual Project Grant from the Cornell Council for the Arts, and was the Margaret Bourke-White Photography Portfolio Prize recipient from Cornell in 2008. Glover was an artist in residence at the Ucross Foundation in 2010, and has shown in solo and group exhibitions in New York.

Joshua Nierodzinski is an abstract painter focusing on the relationship between public and private space. The son of an architect, Nierodzinski has long been interested in environments where personal space can be preserved. Likewise, he is also interested in how these spaces co-exist with the environment, both natural and domestic. His paintings discuss these concerns by “negotiating the dynamic cultural climate we all contribute to with the physicality of his surroundings: his home, the city, and the landscape.” 

Nierodzinski received his BFA from University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, focusing on Painting and 2D Studies. He has shown in group exhibitions at Firehouse 12, and in galleries in New Bedford, Massachusetts. 

Alison Owen uses simple materials such as masking tape, thumbtacks, dirt, and thread to create site-specific installations that “quietly invade the environment in subtle yet significant ways.” Her compositions develop as a response to the physical and emotional characteristics of the site and the objects within it: “My alterations appear to grow out of the space, and melt back into it.” These installations are her attempt to delineate and make sense of her surroundings. The end result is an experience that is dictated by Owen, and also by the original architect or designer that conceived the space in which she is working.

Owen received her MFA from Claremont Graduate University in California. She has been in solo exhibitions in Washington, Idaho, Pennsylvania and California, and has shown in group exhibitions throughout the United States. In 2008 she was the recipient of the Soaring Gardens Residency at Lerman trust. 

Millee Tibbs uses self-portraiture to explore the ubiquitous presence of photography in our visual culture, and its role in the authentication of identity. “From ID Cards to family snapshots, photography serves as a means of proving, affirming and performing our identity. It is a slippery medium that easily shifts from scientific documentation of a moment in time to a subjective construction of reality.” Tibbs re-creates images she finds in the world around her to allow for transformation and reassessment of a viewer’s expectation of a particular image.

Tibbs received her MFA in Photography from RISD. She has shown in solo exhibitions as the University of Massachusetts Gallery at Lowell, and in group exhibitions at the David Winton Bell Gallery, The Sol Koffler Gallery and the Providence Art Club, among many others. Tibbs received the Award of Excellence from RISD in 2007, and a Dorothy Evans Fellowship from Vasaar College in 2006.

Isaac Wingfield shows photographs from his new series entitled Searching for Home. In this series, Wingfield explores everyday rural landscapes as an outlet for nostalgia and longing for the disappearing rural lifestyle. “My own experience is reflected in the work as I search for a way back to the innocence of my childhood in the countryside, but my search is more of a discovery than a simple retelling of memories. Where I came from mingles with the places I wish and imagine myself to have come from. 

Wingfield received his MFA in Photography from RISD after receiving a Bachelor’s of Science in Technical Photography from Appalachian State University. He has shown in group exhibitions in Rhode Island, Washington, Vermont and in China. His is currently a Fellow in the Hambridge Artist Residency Program.