Past Exhibitions

Richard Fleischner, Brian Shure, and Judyth van Amringe

Richard Fleischner

Over the years, Richard Fleischner has produced a sizable body of work that includes large-scale public sculpture and installations, paintings, landscaping, and small sculptural work. Using such basic cultural elements as the box, the maze, and the field, Fleischner builds objects and environments that invite contemplation. Winner of numerous honors including a 2000 Pell Award, Fleischner has created and shown his work all over the world, is regularly featured in such publications as the New York Times and Art in America, and continues to work from his studio in Providence.

Brian Shure creates delicate and highly detailed landscapes using a variety of media including oil, intaglio, inks, and watercolor. His finished paintings and prints are "about light and shadow, surface, the pleasure of creating the illusion of space on a flat plane, and in the end about the process and pleasure of seeing." His work has been widely shown in the US, Italy, and Japan, and he currently teaches in the Printmaking Department at RISD.

Ceramist Judyth van Amringe takes shapes and textures found in nature as inspiration for her porcelain and stoneware pieces. Her arrangements of ceramic bone, eggs, and shells suggest a shaman's tools or ancient artifacts recently unearthed. Winner of the Louis Comfort Tiffany Grant in 2001, van Amringe has shown her work in New York and was recently featured in House and Garden Magazine.