Past Exhibitions

Photography / Anthony Keys, Jenee Mateer and Debra Sugarman

Anthony Keys (L), Jenee Mateer (C) Debra Sugarman (R)

Anthony Keys captures the geometry of life in his black and white photography. He works primarily in the full frame format as he considers the full frame "the equivalent of a poetic form, such as the Shakespearean sonnet." Keys blends memory and time together with his candid shots in a way that puts you into the environment of the scene.

Keys has been a photographer for forty years. He received his BA in English from The City College of New York in 1971 and did graduate work in English at the University of Rhode Island.

Jenee Mateer explores "the way in which the symbols and myths of our culture influence identity and self esteem by creating guidelines for definition and comparison." Her inspiration comes from traditional fairy tales where she sees recurring themes of curiosity, desire, temptation, and innocence lost. Imagery of fruit and flowers are layered and fragmented to give a dream like quality to the photographs.

Mateer received her BA in English from The University of Virginia in 1987 and her MFA in Photography and Video from The Maryland Institute College of Art in 1996. She has exhibited throughout the northeast and teaches at Rhode Island School of Design.

Debra Sugerman's work is concerned with what she calls the "minutia" of our world. Her large-scale photography frames the everyday experiences that we sometimes miss. A recent project entitled "Nostomania: A Look Homeward" deals with her own relationship with the nomadic way of life, the constant need to relocate, and the resulting feelings of displacement. She explores the remnants that people leave behind in a way that shows the ephemeral quality of our lives.

Sugerman received her BA in Photography from The University of Texas at Austin in 1986 and her MFA in Visual Arts from Vermont College in 2002. She has exhibited across the United States.