Past Exhibitions

Losing Track / Meg Governo, Esther Solondz and Paula Hunter

Artists Esther Solondz and Meg Governo will transform the gallery space into a hellish laundry designed to keep performance artist Hunter physically and mentally obsessed with her own accountability to an ever-expanding and never-ending task. In this workspace, Paula Hunter will bundle, sort, hang, and rearrange articles of clothing as she relives her own stories of losing track.

Losing Track, as created by the three artists, is a fully realized intermingling of object and body/voice. At times hilariously funny as Hunter in her usually bittersweet fashion takes audiences through events that seem straight out of the Twilight Zone, and at other moments tragic, Losing Track is a unique blend of theater, dance, and visual art.

The work of Esther Solondz (MFA/Photography, RISD) is both exquisite in a formal sense and theatrical with narrative concerns. The Philadelphia Inquirer critic Edward J. Sozanski wrote that, " Solondz paintings are a series of veils that when drawn aside, reveal only deeper mysteries." And of a recent show at Boston's Gallery Naga, Cate McQuaid of the Boston Globe wrote, "The presence of what is no longer there is electric."

Meg Governo (MFA/Photography, RISD) states that her work is "largely about making the invisible visible," and Christopher Millis, writing in artsMedia, agrees that, "Governo forces our eye to find clarity where there is haze on the human plane. Hers is a richly textured, unexpectedly poignant achievement."

Rhode Island College's new Nazarian Theater recently presented Paula Hunter's performance piece, "The Unexpected," a work featuring her unique blend of word and movement. Jennifer Dunning of the New York Times calls Hunter, "dependably zany" and has also written that, "neither laughter nor pain is ever quite undiluted for the character Paula Hunter plays in her solos." Kendall Klym of the Austin American-Statesman describes Hunter as "a whirlwind of talent".