Past Exhibitions

Elisabeth Meyer & Chris Taylor

New York artist Elisabeth Meyer makes small, delicate prints that draw from a range of natural and architectural influences that are personal in nature, but easily translate into compositions in which "meaning must be extracted from the reading of images alone." Alongside her traditional works on paper, Meyer will exhibit larger, shaped plywood paintings that employ painting as well as printmaking techniques such as rubbings, chine colle and stencil. Her finished pieces are dynamic explorations of "the contrast between the delicate and the clumsy."

Meyer is an Associate Professor of Art at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. She has been a visiting critic at Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design and has exhibited her work throughout the United States and in Italy.

In his work, glass artist Chris Taylor plays with notions of originality and explores the gray area between fact and fiction. Often employing subterfuge, Taylor makes precise glass copies of purchased or found objects and returns them in place of the originals, eventually displaying the original item, a glass copy, and paperwork documenting the refund. He is interested in the way "fabrications and storytelling have made some speculations exist as historical fact." Taylor also creates traditional glass vessels using nontraditional methods which includes scraping discarded glass from the bottom of glassblowing furnaces and turning it into highly textured bowls and vases.

Taylor teaches at the Rhode Island School of Design's glass department, where he received his MFA. He has exhibited his work and lectured across the United States and in Denmark and Kenya.