Past Exhibitions

Age Quod Agis - A Sundial or The Possibility of Stopping Time / Anna Viktoria Norberg

Anna Norberg is a sculptor who works primarily in ephemeral and fragile materials, such as glass. Through her work she attempts to visualize the invisible. She encourages viewers to actively see, not to merely watch. "I respond to the environment intuitively, on a subliminal level. My process of working is a journey of discovery, reflection and recognition and my experience becomes part of the work of art."

In her installation at the Wheeler Gallery, Age Quod Agis- A Sundial or the Possibility of Stopping Time, she will be attempting to visualize time by mapping sunlight as it enters the space. Glass fiber technology will be used to transport sunlight to a dark wall 25 feet way. Norberg will interact with the space daily during the duration of the show in order to arrange the fibers in response to the changing light. Visitors will be able to watch the space morph and become involved in the project.

A native of Sweden, Norberg received her BA and Post Graduate Degree from Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland and her MFA from Rhode Island School of Design. She has exhibited widely in Sweden, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Funding for this exhibition was made possible through a Visual Arts Grant from LEF Foundation in Cambridge Massachusetts.

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