Past Exhibitions

Kim Salerno & Rebecca Siemering

Kim Salerno and Rebecca Siemering

Kim Salerno uses craft-store materials such as glitter, pipe cleaners, and beads to create vividly colorful landscape and wildlife scenes. Her paintings, which range in size from 15x15 inch portraits of birds to giant room installations, combine colors, shapes, patterns, and contours of birds, bugs, and plants into funky compositions which have "no single scale or point of view." Her work underscores the "artificiality of representations of nature" while exploring the tension between high and low art.

Salerno received her BFA from Smith College, A Master of Architecture from the University of Pennsylvannia, and a Posy-Baccalaureate certificate in Painting from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has shown her work across the country in galleries, cultural centers, and museums.

Influenced by her grandmother's ability to transform household items into art, Rebecca Siemering utilizes domestic materials such as sugar and nail polish to create multi-media, multi-sensory drawings and sculpture. Through the work she explores the topic of the good life. She thinks of it as "Martha Stewart gone awry." For her show at the Wheeler Gallery she will focus on the themes of love and marriage. Siemering's favorite piece My Bed of Roses (pictured above) shows how love can be messy and sweet at the same time.

Siemering received her BFA from Washington University and has shown her work in galleries throughout New England, including the Rhode Island School of Design Musuem.