Three / Lynne Harlow, Tayo Heuser, Lisa Perez

September 15 to October 5, 2011

Tayo Heuser  Lynne Harlow  Lisa Perez

Tayo Heuser (L), Lynne Harlow (M), Lisa Perez (R)

The Chazan Gallery is presenting an exhibition of works by Tayo Heuser, Lynne Harlow and Lisa Perez from September 15 to October 5, 2011.   There will be an opening reception for the artists on Gallery Night, Thursday, September 15, from 5 – 7 p.m.  The public is invited.

Tayo Heuser’s work explores the intersection of drawing, sculpture and space. Using various inks on handmade and hand-dyed abaca and linen papers, Vivak substrates and burnished papers, she combines color, mark-making and dimension to create minimalist 3D drawing-sculptures.  Heuser’s geometric abstractions explore shape and space, color and line, pattern and repetition in subtle ways.

Heuser has had numerous solo exhibitions in New York, Belgium and New England, and most recently at The Phillips Collection Art Museum in Washington DC.  She has shown at David Winton Bell Gallery in Providence, Reeves Contemporary in New York and throughout the United States.  Heuser received a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design and an MFA from Vermont College in Montpelier.

Lynne Harlow creates temporary site-specific installations using materials such as plexiglass, fabric, gouache and paint.  She explores the process of reduction by seeing how much she may take away from a piece while allowing it to interact with the space.  “Reconsidering the concept of abundance,” she is interested in “the borders of the drawing process, the places where drawing becomes spatial and the places where drawing dissolves entirely”.

Harlow’s work has been featured in numerous exhibitions in New York and throughout the United States, as well as internationally.  Most recently, her work was featured in Towson University Gallery in Baltimore, Maryland and at the RISD Museum of Art, in a collaboration with Mary Paula Hunter.   Harlow received her MFA from Hunter College in New York and a BA from Framingham State College. 

Lisa Perez presents new works which continue to toggle between sculpture and painting. These works of wood embrace a tension between gestural expression and minimalism. Cast shadows take on a life of their own while vivid colors sneak out from beneath. There is a questioning of spatial dynamics and a subtle bouncing from two to three dimensions. Underneath a seemingly quiet installation buzzes a pressure visible in Perez’s hand: the effort to hold steady, look closely, and work against the pressures of daily over-stimulation in a culture of excess.

A recipient of an MFA from the University of California, Berkeley, Perez has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in Rhode Island, New York and California and most recently at the David Winton Bell Gallery at Brown University. Perez was a participant of the Viewing Program at The Drawing Center in New York and included their Selections exhibition. She also received a studio award from the Headlands Center for the Arts in Sausalito, CA.